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Felicia Carparelli is a public-school teacher and writer in Chicago. She has been published in FlexxMag, The Rhubris, Coping with Cancer, Cure Today, Psych Central, Chicken Soup, the New York Times and the Chicago Sun-Times. Gotham Writer’s workshops have helped shape her writing.

She belongs to the Romance Writers of America, Chicago Writers Association, and the Wacker Drive Writers Group. Her book, The Murder in the Library, was published by MX Publishing, 2011, London.  Her romance novel Hot for Teacher was published by 5 Prince Books, 2022, and Killing Mr. Darcy, a thriller, by darkstroke books, 2022. Her mystery, Tile M for Murder, will be published by Bella Books in Feburary, 2024.

A member of Gilda’s Clubhouse in Chicago, she participates in programs and classes for cancer survivors. She is the proud owner of a Chin-Pin, Presley, and two amazing parakeets. She also plays the accordion on her balcony- polkas, punk, and Fly Me to the Moon, upon request.


Tile M for Murder

M-U-R-D-E-R. Nine points in Scrabble.
Nine iron—great for short golf shots.

But can a golf pro and an English teacher work together to discover who killed a friend during a Scrabble game?

Newly retired Jayne Marple and Arnolda “Arnie” Palmer met playing Scrabble and it was love at first tile. While this is their second chance at love, they’re also working together to make the Elsinore Detective Agency a success.

But will the Scrabble-game murderer allow them to enjoy their newfound happiness? Or will D-E-A-T-H cut their love affair short?

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Killing Mr. Darcy: A story of seduction, Jane Austen, and murder. Literature can get messy

Can a rich, young woman who talks to Jane Austen and who keeps black widow spiders be able to love? And can a handsome, but poor young man who is obsessed with Rosetti’s painting of Beatrice be capable of a lasting relationship?

She finds the silver streak in his hair romantic. He finds the scent of her virginity intoxicating.

Emma and Robert have trust issues. Serious issues. But what else are they discovering in college besides literature, psychoses, and sex?

Killing Mr. Darcy – sometimes literature and art can enhance a love affair. But not always…

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Hot For Teacher

Jim Sanders – ex-marine, widower and construction company owner is looking for a little culture. Juliet West – English professor, divorcee, yoga and gardening hobbyist is skeptical that love at first sight is real. The sparks certainly fly during and after class, but will Juliet allow Jim to be her real-life Romeo?

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Murder in the Library: A mystery inspired by Sherlock Holmes and one of his most famous cases

Are librarians meek and mild bookish types with orthopedic shoes and granny glasses? Or are they ruthless killers with voracious appetites for wine, women and song? Can a young widow solve a murder with the help of a Chicago policeman and an affinity for Sherlock Holmes? The Murder in the Library reveals all. It is elementary, my dears.

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The Mysterious Affair at Longbourn

Murder can be such a delicious event. When Elizabeth Bennet finds an odd package addressed to her outside her Longbourn home she never dreams that she will be solving a mystery over the teacups in her drawing room with Mr. Darcy and the Marquess of Bath.

Is mystery and mayhem conducive to romance? Is Mr. Darcy as annoyingly attractive to her in a graveyard as in her garden? And will Mr. Bennet ever come out of his library to meet the Marquess?

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The Mysterious Case of Jane Fairfax

A musical soirée takes place at Emma Woodhouse’s home. Jane Fairfax and Emma will entertain. Frank Churchill will pay attention to both ladies. Why is Frank so pleased with himself? What does Mr. Knightley think about it all? Love is in the air, a romantic quartet with a surprise for all.

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The Ardent Virgin- Mr. Darcy’s Tale

Fifty Shades of Mr. Darcy? Fitzwilliam Darcy, recently graduated from university, embarks on a grand tour of Europe with his cousin Fitzwilliam and his friend, the Marquess of Bath. In Paris, he meets and woos his first love. This is a very tasteful rendering of Darcy’s introduction to passion, a tale you could read to your granny on a cold winter night with a pot of Earl Grey tea, a plate of warm scones and a small glass of sherry. Why does Mr. Darcy become so cold and proud after a spree in Paris? This story will tell you why.
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