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Who am I?


Can a rich, young woman who talks to Jane Austen and who keeps black widow spiders be able to love? And can a handsome, but poor young man who is obsessed with Rosetti’s painting of Beatrice be capable of a lasting relationship? She finds the silver streak in his hair romantic. He finds the scent of her virginity intoxicating.

Emma and Robert have trust issues. Serious issues. But what else are they discovering in college besides literature, psychoses, and sex? Killing Mr. Darcy – sometimes literature and art can enhance a love affair. But not always…

What is my book about?


I am a teacher with degrees in Psychology and Special Education. Human emotion and motivation are favorite reading and research themes of mine. Books that explore why we make the choices we do, whether right or wrong, fascinate me. Therapy and the need for self-awareness are also topics close to my heart. Combining literary classics like Jane EyreRomeo and Juliet, and Pride and Prejudice into my work is a challenge. I also write books for young adults and have started a novel with LGBTQ themes.

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